At Chez Nina we offer an all-day menu of eclectic vegetarian neo-bistro food and sharing dishes, complemented by lush cocktails and beautiful wines.

The restaurant serves a menu with seasonal plant-based ingredients that is inspired by an eclectic mix of influences, yet with an extra affection for sunny Mediterranean flavors. The food at Chez Nina is honest and prepared with a thoughtful approach. Chez Nina aims to always offer a balance of quality, comfort-conscious meals. And with plenty of vegan options. 

Our menu changes with the seasons.

Chez Nina features a spacious bar with cocktails based on seasonal spices and a dynamic selection of wines from small producers. 

Natural and all-vegan wines that range from sparkling wine to full bodied red wines that pair beautifully with a comforting dish. Along with a broad list of exciting classical and natural wines, going beyond the ordinary with grapes and producers that are what we believe to be the future of wine. 

Our staff is always happy to help you with wine and cocktail recommendations.

We  serve a tasting menu to share, a la carte, and brunch.

The menus below are examples showing our style of food you can expect similar dishes in our restaurant. If you want to see a precise a la carte menu for dietary reasons in relation to your planned visit please email